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I am working on a Trigger that uses many SOQL statements. I have tried following this guide and it doesn't work for me because IDs in Salesforce are not the exact same as the id's that come up for every item. Here's what I mean:

(Btw this is a child record calling a parent and so the parent child thing doesn't work for me)

list<opportunity> listOpportunity = [select id
                                     From opportunity
                                     Where id IN : *Trigger.oldmap.keyset()];*

for(Opportunity opportunity : listOpportunity)
     //Do Code here.


All I want is for this list to be populated with the correct opportunity(s) being triggered.

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you do not need a SOQL query here, you can just use the following snippets

// for iterate trough new opportunities
for (Opportunity newOpp: {
     // do something with new Opps
 // for iterate trough old opportunities
 for (Opportunity oldOpp: Trigger.oldMap.values()) { 
     // read old values on update trigger

also you can combine it

 // for iterate trough old opportunities

for (Opportunity newOpp: {
    if (newOpp.field1 != Trigger.oldMap.get(newOpp.Id).field1) {
        // do something for changed field




I hope this update will be helpful, here is the example of common approach for solving such issue with SOQL in a loop

//------------------ Trigger

Map<Id, List<Account>> accountsByOpp = new Map<Id, List<Account>>();
 List<Account> accounts = [SELECT Oppty
                           FROM account 
                           WHERE oppty IN Trigger.newMap.keySet()];
accountsByOpp = splitListByKey(accounts, 'oppty');

for (Opportunity opp: Trigger.old) {
    List<Account> accs = accountsByOpp.get(opp.Id);
    if (accs != null) {
        // do something

//------------------- Utility apex

class CommonException extends Exception {}

public static Map<Id, List<sObject>> splitListByKey(List<sObject> sourceList, String key) {
    if (sourceList == null) {
        throw new CommonException('ERROR: splitListByKey(sourceList, key) got incorrect first parameter.');
    if (key == null || key == '') {
        throw new CommonException('ERROR: splitListByKey(sourceList, key) got incorrect second parameter.');
    Map<Id,List<sObject>> result = new Map<Id,List<sObject>>();
    List<sObject> tmpObjs;
    for (sObject obj: sourceList) {
        tmpObjs = new List<sObject>();
        if (obj.get(key) != null && result.containsKey((Id)obj.get(key))) {
            tmpObjs = result.get((Id)obj.get(key));
            result.put((Id)obj.get(key), tmpObjs);
        } else if (obj.get(key) != null) {
            result.put((Id)obj.get(key), tmpObjs);
    return result;
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So maybe I didn't explain very well. I can't use this because I am trying to write SOQL inside the for loop, and I can't write SOQL outside the For loop if I do it this way. Does that make sense? Btw, Pavel you have answered my questions before, I really appreciate how often you have helped me. – user1991372 Nov 30 '13 at 20:14
@user1991372 what is the SOQL which you're trying to use into the loop? As I said, the SOQL which is presented in your post is useless, because we already have this list as which equals to [SELECT Id FROM Opportunity WHERE Id IN: Trigger.oldMap.keySet()] as well as equals to [SELECT Id FROM Opportunity WHERE Id IN: Trigger.newMap.keySet()] and also it's equals to Trigger.newMap.values(). Maybe I somewhere got you wrong, please post a whole your code in this case. – Pavel Slepiankou Nov 30 '13 at 20:40
So I want to run a query in the for loop to work with the data, like this: for(Opportunity Oppty : trigger.old) { account a = [select Oppty, name from account where oppty in Account]; //do something to the account based on the info in the oppty } Thats, what I want to do, but it gives me a governor limit each time because I need to dataload multiple records at a time. Do you have any ideas? – user1991372 Nov 30 '13 at 22:55
You need to query Account basing on set of opportunities' Ids. Compose a Set of Ids and then query Accounts where oppty in accountSetIds. After you have a list of Accounts compose a Map<Id, Account>. Put Opportunity's Id and it's corresponding Account object. Then in a for loop of objects from Trigger.xxxMap you will get an Account from composed map by it's Opportunity id. – Chiz Nov 30 '13 at 23:16
@user1991372 please see update in the answer – Pavel Slepiankou Dec 1 '13 at 6:13

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