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I have the following in one of the .md files I'm using with a Jekyll website hosted on github pages:

<img src="http://lefthandedgoat.github.io/canopy/canopy_orig.jpg" width="32" />&nbsp;[canopy](http://lefthandedgoat.github.io/canopy/) - F#rictionless web testing with Selenium.

Both github file preview and stackoverflow interpret that markdown correctly:

 canopy - F#rictionless web testing with Selenium.

But when I published to github-pages I get an email saying there's a Jekyll error. I installed the Jekyll gem and run jekyll serve locally to check the error and got this:

| Maruku tells you:
| Could you please format this better?
| I see that "&nbsp;[canopy](http://lefthandedgoat.github.io/canopy/) - F#rictionless web testing with Selenium." is lef
t after the raw HTML.
| At line 150
|   raw_html     |<img src="http://lefthandedgoat.github.io/canopy/canopy_orig.jpg" width="32" />&nbsp;[canopy](http://l
efthandedgoat.github.io/canopy/) - F#rictionless web testing with Selenium.|

Do I have to do anything special to get Jekyll to recognize inline html?

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Try and put a space after the non-breakable space &nbsp;

<img ... width="32" />&nbsp; [canopy](http://lefthandedgoat....) - F#rict....
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already tried both that and removing the &nbsp; Putting anything on the same line as the img gives an error, if I put what's after the im on a new line, it works, but then I get a br inserter in the final html –  Gustavo Guerra Dec 1 '13 at 10:41

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