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So I'm trying to develop a FAT32 bootloader but I'm having some troubles I found this formula:

      xor     dx, dx                              ; prepare dx:ax for operation
      div     WORD [SectorsPerTrack]              ; calculate
      inc     dl                                  ; adjust for sector 0
      mov     BYTE [absoluteSector], dl
      xor     dx, dx                              ; prepare dx:ax for operation
      div     WORD [SectorsPerHead]                     ; calculate
      mov     BYTE [absoluteHead], dl
      mov     BYTE [absoluteTrack], al

To convert Linear Base Address To CHS Address which I need for my sector loading.

But when I boot with virtualbox. It hangs at:

      div     WORD [SectorsPerTrack]              ; calculate

I got to this by first noticing it hanged, and then inserting int 0x19 everywhere to see if the code got there. And it got to the line between xor dx, dx but not after the next line?

So my question: What could cause this?

(BTW: I'm using nasm to assemble!)

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Check the value of [SectorsPerHead] and make sure it isn't zero. –  Michael Nov 30 '13 at 21:17
Ofcourse! thanks! –  Roban Krok Nov 30 '13 at 23:08
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