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I was using this guide.

Cygwin installation was good and all went well.
Gitolite installation, however, is bad and i can't seem to find the solution to what should i do (neither google helps with that, because everybody link to the page i gave a link to, or everybody talk about old versions of gitolite.)

I have reached the step No. 5 of the "Installing Gitolite" part.
1. I did the part with gitolite cloning ok.
2. The part with installing gitolite was different, but seems to have gone well. gl-system-install didn't work, so i used gitolite/install -ln as was told by the instructions at this site.
3. This is where everything fails. gl-setup doesn't exist anymore, so i used gitolite setup -pk ~/ command. At this stage it first says Initialized empty Git repository in C:/cygwin64/home/git/repositories/gitolite-admin.git, right after that i get fatal: Could not switch to '/home/git': No such file or directory
It did create the file /home/git/.gitolite.rc and i did what the guide told next to do. However when i execute the command git clone git@gitserver:gitolite-admin.git after exiting server shell, i get the error
bash: git-upload-pack: command not found
fatal: could not read from remote repository.

The repository gitolite-admin.git does exist in /home/git/repositories

I would really like to know what am i doing wrong here. I'd like to be able to run git with authentication on windows machine.

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It is an old guide using Cygwin and gitolite V2.

Nowadays, simply use a regular DOS session with msysgit (no need for Cygwin anymore, as detailed here).
For the installation, follow the official current instructions:
(check that the environment variable HOME is defined: git-cmd.bat defines it for you)

git clone
cd gitolite
gitolite/install -to C:/path/to/bin
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Can't seem to get it going. I have istalled msysGit, then i have cloned and installed gitolite, loaded my .pub key and created gitolite-admin. Everything seems to have gone well. But, how do i make it so i can access this git server from anywhere? Seems like no sshd service is running and no guides you have mentioned do that too (unless i missed it). So i think ssh access absence is what is holding me from victory. Any help? – user1651105 Dec 4 '13 at 20:25
@user1651105 yes, gitolite itself is just a perl script, you need a listener (https or ssh) to call said Gitolite script. A server like Bitvise (, not free although the evaluation period is quite generous) might be appropriate (more than an ssh server on Cygwin anyway: – VonC Dec 4 '13 at 21:54
@user1651105 or GitWin: as mentioned in – VonC Dec 5 '13 at 13:23

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