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Is that possible to serialize/deserialize a string property of an Entity by using its getters and setters on access, on save?

There are two main goals I would like to do for string properties.

1-Keep a json serialized string for special, complex or custom column types.

2-Encrypt on saving, decyrpt on access confidential information, i.e. Email address

Is that possible?

If so, do we have a limited usage of linq queries on this entity?

If so, would fetching all records and trigger their decryption/deserialization would work?

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You could use the SavingChanges event to modify the entity right before saving it.

Then use the ObjectMaterialized event to handle when the properties are loaded into the entity.

Obviously, these events could be a little bit of overkill but I think you can have a lot of control and you may not want to attach event handlers every time you use the context.

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