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Needing help with saving files on os x

When the user selects an image on openpanel, i have captured the url of that image in a variable

However after that i want to be able to change the image size of the selected image, then save as a new image in a new folder in the same directory as the original image was

i.e. documents/images/image.png

saves as

i.e. documents/images/new folder/image1.png

This is the code i have so far but unsure how to progress

extract from .h fil

@property(atomic,strong) NSImage* selectedImage;
@property(atomic,strong) NSURL* selectedImageURL;

extract from .m file

@synthesize selectedImageURL; 
@synthesize selectedImage;

    - (IBAction)Create:(id)sender{

        NSImage *tempImage = nil;

        tempImage = selectedImage;

        [tempImage setScalesWhenResized:YES];

        CGSize targetSize = CGSizeMake(1220,100);
        tempImage.size  = targetSize;    

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