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I need to know if it is possible to pass a Property or a Map when Logger.info() (or other Logger methods in that matter, i.e. debug(), error(), et al.) is called.

The reason is, I am building a custom Appender (that invokes a call to a web service), and I need the values that are passed on to info(), which are constructed as a String "message", to be stored in a Property of sort (i.e. Map), so I can retrieve them in the Appender.append() method and insert the individual values that I get from this Map/*Property* into the web service SOAP document.

I could grab LoggerEvent.getMessage() and parse the format, but this is not optimal for obvious reasons.

In short, I need to somehow -- if possible-- to tap into the LoggingEvent object of append() when logger.info() is called, because it is the only object available to the Appender when append() is executed (I am not sure when LoggingEvent object is constructed, so in reality, LoggingEvent might not even exist prior to during a call to logger.info() in the first place).

Is there a solution to this problem?

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