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I have a python program that I built for a school project. It was done using a custom gui module they created to work in web browser. I wanted to port the program to something I can use in the real world. I rebuilt it using tkinter. The module they used had a draw handler that just redrew the canvas 60 times per second. I was not sure how to handle that so I did the following. It works but the program becomes unresponsive after a few minutes. Is there a better way to handle this? Thanks.

def draw(self):
    label1 = ttk.Label(self, text=message1)
    label1.grid(row = 1, column = 0)
    horizontal_position = 0
    current_card = 0
    for card in main_card_list:
        if exposed[current_card] == True:
            self.canvas.create_text(horizontal_position + 25, 50, text=str(card), font=("Purisa",30))
        if exposed[current_card] == False:
            self.canvas.create_rectangle(current_card * 50, 0, (current_card + 1) * 50, 100, outline="#f11", fill="#1f1", width=2)
        horizontal_position += 50
        current_card += 1
    self.after(100, self.draw)
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The application is freezing because there are too many canvas items; you should clear the canvas every once in a while using canvas.delete(ALL).

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Excellent!, I put that in the beginning of my draw method and it works perfect. Thank You. –  user3053535 Dec 1 '13 at 19:39

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