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I tried to add some business orders and update the customer's status.

Bus somehow, After doing above actions.

Then, I can not found the updated customer from front-end(webpage view) anymore.

This case sometimes will occurs.

But if I go to rails console.I can get the customer record and the update-to-date order status.

If I want to find the customer from webpage I should run yes | bundle exec rake sunspot:reindex to reindex the solr database?

I run my server in development mode. and I use the postgres DB Here is my GEM file

 61   * rails (3.2.13)
 79   * sunspot (2.0.0)
 80   * sunspot_rails (2.0.0)
 81   * sunspot_solr (2.0.0)
49   * pg (0.17.0)

Here is my solr scheme.xml https://gist.github.com/poc7667/7728095

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