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After login the query immediately run and tries get data from database in my apex app.I want the page get data after user enter the parameters in page. I want the apex page to not run query immediately after login. thanks for your ideas.

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Is this question related to oracle application express rather than force.com apex? –  Tom Dec 9 '13 at 11:49

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go to the page in question, I assume this will be the home page or page 1 in your application. go to the region definition. find conditions tab and put a condition in there.

Make it dependant on a value of an item possibly.

i.e. lets say you had a page item called P1_USERNAME and you wanted only to show this region when the USERNAME was scurtis

on the conditions tab:

Condition Type:

Value of item / column in Expression 1 = Expression 2

Expression 1 P1_USERNAME

Expression 2 scurtis

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