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I need to create 3 things:

  • Content Provider
  • Service
  • Application

I'm wondering if these all three will be in one single project, or they will be three different projects?

Also how can I limit my Content Provider to my services and my applications?


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There are no restrictions: everything can go in a single Android project. You define in your AndroidManifest.xml file what activities, services and content providers are contained in your application. –  Christopher Orr Jan 9 '10 at 1:22

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They would be a single project. They are application framework objects and not as heavyweight as you might currently believe.

As far as permissions, check the security guide

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To get more detailled answers maybe you could specify what type of "Content Provider", "Service" and "Application" you 'need' to create - and why..? ..a pay-for-content app..? ..a music-download portal..?

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oops - I think I didn't quite get the question. Sorry, if my 'answer' missed the point.. –  tillinberlin Jan 9 '10 at 1:46

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