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Im trying to create a small POC with session replication over websockets sessions. I've learned that in order to achieve it I should try and link the httpsession with the websocket and then i will gain the replication abilities.

So, I tried to implemented it just like in this url: Accessing HttpSession from HttpServletRequest in a Web Socket @SocketEndpoint

So now, I'm able to get the session for each client. and I Do get replication! pretty nice!

Only problem is, While i'm adding new attributes to the primary session (in tomcat#1 for example) , the replicated sessions (in tomcat#2 for example) does NOT contain any attributes. The session backup is there but no attributes at all.

My POC web application has one html page with javascript web socket send\recieve messages. What i did notice that might shade light on whats the problem is the following scenario:

If i press f5 on the browser, the web page is loaded and a new http handshake is taking place. when that happens all the attributes do replicate!!!

Is there a way to make the attribute replicate without the need of refreshing the page?


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