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I am currently creating a website which at the top of the page i am trying to create a slider which when you use the next a previous buttons the content below changes to match that item.

For example Honda Bikes has this which is shown in the image below. I am after something exactly like this with content changing below the slider to match the item. I have had a look at the page and it seems like they are using some kind of jquery carousal.

If someone has a link to a i presume jquery plugin that would be a great help to get me started.


Full page slider

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It looks to me like honda created their own jQuery carousel plugin.

There are plenty of great slideshow plugins available, heres a cool jquery slideshow included in the honda site

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here's a link with a couple of good ones http://www.webhostingjams.com/top-10-jquery-carousel-plugins-for-2013/

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I would recommend this plugin : Jquery Cycle plugin. It's easy to use , flexible and have many features.

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