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Is there delegate in Java 8 ?

If No , How we have lambda expressions in JDK 8 without delegates ?

What is Method References ? Is this the same as delegate? Method References


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There are no delegates in JDK 8. Under the hood lambdas are instances of functional interfaces (an interface with exactly one abstract method). Depending on where you are passing your lambda the compiler can figure out what interface it is implementing. For example the Collections.sort method accepts a Comparator instance as a second parameter. The Comparator happens to be a functional interface so the compiler will check if the lambda you are passing mathes the abstract method in Comparator or not.

A Method reference is just a simplification. When your lamda is just calling an existing method you can use this new syntax to simplify the construct. The example from the linked tutorial shows it pretty well:

instead of:

    (a, b) -> Person.compareByAge(a, b)

it's simpler with method reference:

Arrays.sort(rosterAsArray, Person::compareByAge);

Have a look on the lamdbafaq.

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And about Delegates in Java 8 ? –  R R Dec 1 '13 at 12:12
There are no delegates in JDK 8, they are using the mentioned functional interfaces to have lamdbas. –  gadget Dec 1 '13 at 12:21
Lambdas are converted into method references to generated private methods, so if you can use it, a method reference is slightly more efficient. –  tbodt Jul 4 at 23:41

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