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I have created a custom API for an application i'm developing with my team. The API is in PHP,actually using the CakePHP framework.

Can i host and use resources of Apigee for my API? Or i can simply manage the API through API dashboard,which means i have to host in another server (ex Rackspace) my API?

Thank you in advance

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You cannot currently host your PHP API on Apigee. You would need to deploy it elsewhere as you mentioned and then point your API proxy to the deployed API. We do have the option of running a Node.js application on Apigee. If there is any interest in doing that, it is described here:

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gotcha,thank you! – koslib Dec 4 '13 at 10:02

You can both host your API on StrikeIron's IronCloud platform (then you don't have to manage your own hardware and software scalability needs), and also leverage their API Management capabilities if you'd like as well, including user management, remote administration, analytics, multiple protocol support, usage billing (if it's a product API), and more.

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