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When I have a function inside the object with a different name than the function outside, the program works. Ex:

scala> trait Dog {
     | def tag = 123
     | object Cat {
     | def tag2 = tag}
     | }
defined trait Dog

scala> object Foo extends Dog
defined module Foo

scala> Foo.tag
res0: Int = 123

scala> Foo.Cat.tag2
res1: Int = 123

However, naming both functions the same name breaks. Can I call the outside function tag with the function inside the object tag? Thanks.


trait Dog {
         | def tag = 123
         | object Cat {
         | def tag = tag}
         | } //doesn't work
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You can give an alternate name for this for the outer class:

trait Dog { fido =>
  def tag = 123
  object Cat { def tag = fido.tag }
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thanks. self types to the rescue. –  kfer38 Dec 1 '13 at 15:49

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