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I'm trying to get a small rails app built that allows a user to authenticate with Instagram, then access their own feed. I'm struggling!

I've used the omniauth-instagram gem to get basic authentication (when I log in, I can access my name and UID).

However, any attempt to access my feed has led to errors that mention an access token being required.

I've just stumbled across the 'instagram-api' gem which I'm about to have a go with. But being a ruby n00b I'm not sure how to implement the example (Sinatra) code in my controller:

# Instantiate a new client.
client = Instagram.client(
  :client_id     => '2bfe9d72a4aae8f06a31025b7536be80',
  :client_secret => '9d667c2b7fae7a329f32b6df17926154',
  :callback_url  => 'http://example.com/'

# Visit the authorization URL in your browser and login.
# => "https://api.instagram.com/oauth/authorize/?client_id=2bfe9d72a4aae8f06a31025b7536be80&redirect_uri=http://example.com/&response_type=code"

# Retrieve the code from the URL parameters and use it to get an access token.
# => '1313345.3fedf64.a0fcb7f40e02fe3da50500'

Can anyone help?

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Try instagram-ruby-gem which I've used and is well supported.

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You could follow these manual instructions to retrieve the access token, then store it as an environment variable for reference within your app.

Not sure how to automate all this within a controller though.

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