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I want to load a a get-request into a kendo-ui listview. I can't figure out why the my site won't show any results. I tried the following code with the exact same data the server returned and it works fine, but i can't get the http-request to work. Here is my js code for the viewmodel:

var eventsDataSource = new kendo.data.DataSource({
    read: {
        dataType: "json"
schema: {
data: function(response){return response;}
  sort:{field: "id", dir: "desc"}


var json = eventsDataSource.data().toJSON();

var eventsViewModel ={ events : ko.observableArray(json) };

Here is the view i made which shows the data as intenden when i code the data directly into the dataSource :

    <div data-role="view" data-layout="layout" id="event-view" data-ko-model="eventsViewModel">         
        <ul data-role="listview" data-style="inset" data-type="group">
                <ul data-bind="foreach: events">
                            <span style="vertical-align:middle;">
                            <span data-bind="text: id"></span> - <span data-bind="text: title"></span> (<span data-bind="text: status"></span>)
                            <b data-bind="text:message"></b> 
                        <div data-bind="if : document">
                            <a data-role="detailbutton" data-icon="right-open"></a> 

And finally the data returned from the server:

[{"id":3,"created":1385573907907,"priority":1,"reporter":"Martin","category":"Mähdrescher","type":"S690","title":"Hangausgleich defekt","message":"Mähdrescher umgekippt","status":"offen","client":"Bauer","field":"Kaiserslautern - Kohlbach","scenario":0,"document":true,"positionLatitude":49.405703,"positionLongitude":7.423623},
{"id":1,"created":1385739507907,"priority":3,"reporter":"T670-4","category":"Mähdrescher","type":"T670","title":"Hydraulikdruck unter Minimalwert","message":"Hydraulikdruck unter 200 bar","status":"offen","client":"Meyer","field":"Homburg - Auf der Höh","scenario":0,"document":false,"positionLatitude":49.342852,"positionLongitude":6.824287},
 {"id":2,"created":1385656707907,"priority":2,"reporter":"Anna","category":"Traktor","type":"9560RT","title":"Kette gerissen","message":"Linke Kette gerissen","status":"offen","client":"Schulze","field":"Kaiserslautern - Feldstraße","scenario":0,"document":false,"positionLatitude":49.402715,"positionLongitude":7.445082}]        

I know it's json, but same origin policy shouldn't be a problem since i want to create a mobile app withour an url. Where do i go wrong. Help is strongly appreciated!

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Other than the question of same origin policy, it is not that your HTTP request works but that when you do a read you start reading but this might take some time. So instead of doing a read, try doing a fetch as follow:

var eventsViewModel = null;
eventsDataSource.fetch(function(data) {
    var json = data.toJSON();
    eventsViewModel = { events : ko.observableArray(json) };

Now, the body of the fetch handler is executed when the read is finished and the data is available.

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Thanks. But isn't a Get-request possible with JSON from a mobile app? –  amaik Dec 1 '13 at 19:14

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