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See Eclipse Java Search screenshot

Eclipse Java Search.

I googled a lot, tryied my best but could not find any ways to tell Netbeans to search for method invocation in JRE / Application libraries.

Let's consider:

  • I have maven project with ApplicationA being runtime
  • ApplicationA* artifat defines interface InterfaceA with method methodA
  • I'm implementing the interfac as InterfaceAImpl

I'm looking for ways to find all the InterfaceA#methodA invocations in the ApplicationA (which is OpenSource and available) to see all the impacts and find all th usages.

Is this really possible only in Eclipse? I don't believe this.

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I usually rely on Find Usages in the Edit menu.

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Thnx for response. The thing is - I'm coming from Eclipse world and find "Find Usages" much more less powerful. –  leonardinius Jan 10 '10 at 16:22
Indeed, there are fewer options, but it's easier to use, IMO. The options change to reflect the entity being sought, making selection quicker. I also use Find in Projects. –  trashgod Jan 10 '10 at 21:37
I understand that you are saying. And this is my story(to be understood by other s too). I have a project to plug-in into projectA, which is great but it's API / documentation isn't well enough documentated. I need to implement some interface but I need to see there call tree, all the references to this component as well to see if I'm doing something wrong i couldsome things better they currently are. In Eclipse I could use Ctrl+H and this is the end of the story. In Netbeans I will end up with adding all the 30 maven dependencies as projects and perform lookup only then. :( –  leonardinius Jan 30 '10 at 15:07
I tried Netbeans and I liked that. But this is blocker or me to switch because I will end up with spending much more time finding the same information I gained access to so easy. –  leonardinius Jan 30 '10 at 15:08

If you have a member

private JMenuItem Edit

you can highlight the member name Edit and right click the context menu will have an option named "Find Usages" after selecting it a menu will open up and you can select where to search and the results will be displayed in an output window at the bottom.

I don't think it has as many search options as eclipse doe though.

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