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I'm using the Queued Ajax requests/Synced Ajax to call time.php ( this is heavy php file ). I would like to be able to add a loafing massage ( or a loading.gif ) while the Queued request is executed , so the user has some indication the something is running . here is my code :

        url: "time.php",
        // do not show file
        success: function(html){ jQuery("ul").append(html); }
        url: "time.php",
        success: function(html){ jQuery("ul").append("<b>Loladed File 1</b><BR>"); }



thanks jeff

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In the past when doing something similar (using the ootb ajax functionality) I've used something similar to the following to add loading images -

if ($("#loadimg").attr("src") != "/static/icons/loading.gif") {
            $("#loadimg").attr("src", "/static/icons/loading.gif");

if ($("#loadimg").length < 1) {
$(this).parent().append("<img id=loadimg src='/static/icons/loading.gif'>");

Add something like that to your event handler that is handling your ajax requests and then just add a div/span/img tag wherever you would like the image to load like

<div id="loadimg" src="/static/icons/blank.gif">
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hi HurnsMobile; I tried this , but noting is showing ? any advise . thanks.... – user120283 Feb 2 '10 at 1:33
have you checked the path? "/static/icons/loading.gif" Replace this with your image – The_Butcher Nov 24 '11 at 16:03

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