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Is it possible to add an Action Bar to an android application: 1) without subclassing ActionBarActivity 2) support for gingerbread and newer

I've searched google and SO, no results.

The reason I ask this is because I have an activity that already subclasses from another library, and I can't make the ActionBarActivity the root subclass.

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Normally no, multiple inheritance isn't part of Java.

Of course, the real question is if ActionBarActivity will actually be useful on Gingerbread. It depends on what specific functionality you need from it.

What you can try to do:

  • Make your own "ActionBar" via layout.

  • If the library you're using is open source, modify it so its Activities extend ActionBarActivity instead.

  • If not, both ActionBarCompat is open source - you can download the source and incorporate the functionality into your Activity. ActionBarActivity does extend FragmentActivity, so you may need to work with the raw support-library source as well.

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Thats current what i'm doing(using my own action-like bar), but its a not as nice looking,, and I'm interested in some of the things that come for free with the Action Bar. I'll def try these –  TMacGyver Dec 1 '13 at 20:29
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I know the answer for Q2 is YES. You use support library v7 to support Action Bars on devices running GingerBread (Eclairs and Froyos as well).

For Q1, i believe the answer is an YES. You just use the Window.requestFeature() to add Action Bars. But i am not very sure about this.


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thx, i'll give it a try –  TMacGyver Dec 1 '13 at 20:25
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