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In the Accounts.onCreateUser function of Meteor, I would like to make an ajax request to get the user details from the Twitter API. While the actual Twitter call works fine and retrieves the expected data, I am unable to return this as the ajax call is done asynchronously. Here is where I'm at:

Accounts.onCreateUser(function(options, user) {

    user.profile = "";
    Twitter.get.userinfo({ screen_name: 'username'}, function(data) {
        user.profile = data;

    return user;


As Accounts.onCraeteUser is part of Meteor, I'm not sure what the best option is to return the data pulled from the request. Thanks in advance.

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Wrap your call into an async wrapper (that converts it into a synchronous function).

Be aware this only works if the callback is something like function(err, data).

In the code above you've used function(data). I'm not too sure of any Twitter apis that do it this way. If you could check it is actually function(err,data) and if not I'll try edit the answer with something else

var getUserInfo = Meteor._wrapAsync(Twitter.get.userinfo.bind(Twitter.get));

user.profile = getUserInfo({screen_name: 'username'});

So what Meteor._wrapAsync does is it takes the function you give it and makes it synchronous on the server side. As soon as a result is returned in the callback, the second param (data) is returned.

If the first param, err, is returned it will throw it as an error.

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Wow! The missing err was because I had wrapped the Twitter API in my own method but I've got it working using this method. Thanks! –  Andrew Deniszczyc Dec 1 '13 at 21:40

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