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I wrote a code which starts to record screen capture from the second it identifies mouse movement until it identifies the mouse didn't move for a predefined time (10 seconds). In python, on windows, how to wait until mouse moves? If, I'm logged in to the session the code works fine, i.e. it starts and stops on time and records the screen capture. But, if I logout, I expect the script to identify that the mouse doesn't move and stop recording. Instead, the code doesn't stop and when I login again (long after the 10 seconds passed), the screen capture (from the previous session) keeps running, yelling the rt buffer is full and it keeps running until I close the cmd console even I expect it to work for 10 seconds (at least when I'm logged in). Any idea what is the issue? I feel like it is something between the threading module and the session logout but I could be completely wrong about this.

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