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I have a table that when tr are clicked drops down another table as of right now i have the tr with a hover color in place of banded the rows. I set up the javascript to change the background color when you click the tr but is there a way to edit the css back to the default

var parent = $('.surveyResponses');

$('.data[question]', parent).on({
    'click' : function(){
        var clicked = $(this);
        $('[question='+clicked.attr('question')+']',parent).eq(1).slideToggle('slow', function(){
            if ( $('[question='+clicked.attr('question')+']',parent).eq(1).css('display') == 'block' ) {
                clicked.css('backgroundColor', '#535353');
                clicked.css('backgroundColor', '#747373');
                clicked.css('backgroundColor:hover', '#535353');

if possible i would not want to make a jquery hover event

jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/Des58/1/

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Use classes: you can't do inline hover events.


var elem = $("#elem");

if (mybool)

I hope I'm understanding you correctly.

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