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Different results are returned using different access token for the same user. Both has "read_stream" permission.

When specifying an access token from my sandboxed app, it's blank. It is not blank when I don't specify the "until" field. If I set the limit to 150, 150 data points are returned. Using limit at 15, the blank page comes at what would be page 3.

To reproduce:

1) Get a access token from an authorized user in an app with "read_stream" permission
2) In the Graph Explorer, go to /me/home/?limit=15
3) Use your access token from step 1. Do not use the "Get Access Token" button.
4) When the data loads, go to the bottom and click on the link for paging.next
5) Now you are on page 2, click on paging.next again
6) Page 3 is blank for me.

enter image description here

When specifying an oauth_token from the graph api explorer, it's not blank.

Contining from above with a blank page 3, click on "Get Access Token" and visit "/me/home". It'll now load beyond page 3.

enter image description here

I first thought that there's a cap of 50 or something for apps. But I can see at 150 results when limit is set to 150.

Below is the debug for my application's access token for the user.

enter image description here

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