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Is there any resource that provides a chart of CSS properties and their support through most browser/OS combinations? For example, if I want to know what browser supports overflow or min-height and any quirks to be aware of in the implementation of these properties and their values, what is the best place to get all this?

I have found a couple places but I haven't been impressed.

Any suggestions?

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Quriks mode is also a really good resource for this sort of information.

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Beat me to it; +1 for quirksmode! –  Bobby Jack Oct 14 '08 at 23:47
I found that address with Google before making this, but the website is currently down so I assumed it was nothing. I'll wait for it to come back up to take a look. –  Paolo Bergantino Oct 14 '08 at 23:58

caniuse.com is very helpful in this manner as well. And you can also check other implementations like HTML5 or SVG support there. http://caniuse.com/

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The wikipedia article is fairly impressive and a good place to start:


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That's the one I am currently using and I don't really like it. I was hoping there was something better out there but I guess it'll have to do. –  Paolo Bergantino Oct 14 '08 at 23:46
I know what you mean. It's pretty... variable, but I find if nothing else it gets me to a better follow-up google search. –  Electrons_Ahoy Oct 14 '08 at 23:55

Most of the CSS reference sites I used to use are out of date, but SitePoint recently (I'd say the past year) released a CSS Reference that is kept up to date and is easy to navigate.

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For example, right now I want to know how overflow-x is supported across browsers. That SitePoint site is exactly what I want but they don't have overflow-x on there which makes me question how through it is immediately. –  Paolo Bergantino Oct 14 '08 at 23:59

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