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I'm trying to make a program in C, and I have to open another console with other program on it, when I do that, the first program freezes until I close the second one. I've been looking for answers with no result.

This is the code where I know it fails.

system("setterm -term linux -back white -fore black -clear");
char line[LEN];

system("cd ~/Desktop/ && gcc -o Rover Rover.c -lpthread");
FILE *cmd = popen("pidof -s Rover", "r");

fgets(line, LEN, cmd);
pid_t pid = strtoul(line, NULL, 10);

if(pid == 0){
    system("xterm -e ./Rover");

    cmd = popen("pidof -s Rover", "r");
    fgets(line, LEN, cmd);
    pid = strtoul(line, NULL, 10);fflush(stdout);
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Problem lies in

system("xterm -e ./Rover");

This call makes the terminal to call xterm and then wait on it.

To verify it, just run xterm from your terminal and you will notice that your own terminal will freeze.

One solution which I can thought is to create a child process and call xterm from there.

pid_t test = fork();
    system("xterm -e ./Rover");
} else {
   //Rest of your task.

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Yeah, but I want to open Rover in a separate console. (If you check, I do that inside the if. system("xterm -e ./Rover"); – user3056241 Dec 2 '13 at 6:33
@user3056241: Thanks. I edited the answer. – doptimusprime Dec 2 '13 at 7:03
Thanks, that solved the main problem. I'll have to rewrite most of the code now, but you're awesome. – user3056241 Dec 2 '13 at 7:14

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