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I am trying to use the built in asp.net file result to return a file that I am trying to make through a file stream. I am using Dday.ical to make my calendar for export

    MemoryStream export = new MemoryStream();         
    iCalendarSerializer serializer = new iCalendarSerializer(iCal);
    return export;

Here is my actionResult

public ActionResult ExportCalendar()
    string userName = User.Identity.Name;
    Guid userId = membershipS.GetUsersId(userName);
    var calendarStream = calendarS.ExportCalendar(userId);
    return File(calendarStream, "text/calendar", "test.ics");       

When I download the file it is 0bytes.

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Try resetting the stream's position:

calendarStream.Position = 0;

That way when the FileResult starts reading from the stream it will read it from the beginning instead of from the end (after which there are obviously no more bytes!).

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