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My company wants to use WebSocket to sysnchonize data between client and server. I have just had a demo to synchonize data between client and server but Client is web client. I want to have a demo on mobie. But I also receive some questions about the disadvantages of webSocket. For example, about battery of mobie,... ? Could you help me list some disadvantages when using WebSocket on mobie ? And Can you explain why ? Thanks in advance.

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Super fast, yes its true, personal experience. For real-time app this is most suitable choice. E.g Chat application


Depends how you use it. In my case it was, I couldn't do anything to keep my httpSession alive at time-out by serve-let.

Many Telecomm companies do not support web socket well.

Works on port 443 on most telecomm network, so yes one need to use SSL secure connection.

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how about battery of mobile ? –  le luu Dec 20 '13 at 9:35
Normal usagae, no effect, its just change of protocol from Http to Web socket –  Fahad Ishaque Dec 20 '13 at 10:01
What if we are replacing a polling task based on http technology to web sockets? Theoretically this should have an impact on battery life too, isn't it? –  includeMe Feb 25 at 10:45
Polling is not as fast as web-socket. Plus how much one can reduce the polling inorder to achieve real time results. –  Fahad Ishaque Feb 25 at 14:12
Its like chatting with a refresh cycle if one is using polling, where else the demand is of real time communication –  Fahad Ishaque Feb 25 at 14:13

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