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I am using entity framework. I have a table with auto generated primary key and lot of foriegn key relationship with other master data tables. We need a copy functionality, wherein we can select any existing row from the table and insert that as a copy in the same table.

I need to copy all the fields, but it should be a different record, and need the procedure/LINQ for same.

Please suggest, how should I proceed.

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You can do this:

context.Entry(oCustomer).State = EntityState.Added;

this will cause EF to think this entity is a new one and after you call SaveChanges it will be inserted in the database and not updated.

If you have an object graph - you need to traverse it and make sure all child entities are set to EntityState.Unchanged or they will be duplicated after SaveChanges.

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I changed the EntityState to Added and then Added object to the entity set. I am accepting your answer as it did the trick. Thanks! I just hope changing enetity state should not create any problem.. –  Amy Dec 3 '13 at 6:05

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