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I have created new twitter-bootstrap project on Webstorm 7 and updated npm then executed the grunt comment I got the below error in Jekyll

Running "jekyll:docs" (jekyll) task Warning: 
Please install Jekyll before running this task. Use --force to continue.
Aborted due to warnings.

Then I followed the steps as given by (http://www.madhur.co.in/blog/2011/09/01/runningjekyllwindows.html) URL now I am getting error on

gem install jekyll

step. Please look at the below error log on gem_make.out file

C:/Ruby200/bin/ruby.exe extconf.rb creating Makefile

make "DESTDIR=" generating stemmer-i386-mingw32.def compiling porter.c make: execvp: gcc: Bad file number make: * [porter.o] Error 127

Please guide me how to come over this issue.

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Here is a guide on How to Run Jekyll on Windows.

It covers installing the Ruby DevKit, which is most likely what you're missing.

Alternately, and assuming you're on Windows, you could install Ruby using scoop, it's very simple to use and it will install the DevKit along with Ruby.

I hope this helps.

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