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I got this type in oracle:

TYPE "RequestTable" IS TABLE OF "Requests"%ROWTYPE;

I have used this type as an IN(or out) parameter of some stored procedures, like this: create or replace PROCEDURE

  Par_RequestsBulk IN "TableTypes"."RequestTable"  
, ErrorCodeTable OUT "TableTypes"."ErrorCodeTable"
) AS 

Now, I need to call this SP from Java. How should I pass this kind of parameters?

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this query may be useful to understand passing types from java stackoverflow.com/questions/3626061/… –  psaraj12 Dec 2 '13 at 12:50

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The link in the comments is the "correct" way to do this. But you could create a table on the fly in a declare begin end block, and pass that to your proc call. In java, create a string like this

    lvTable RequestTable; 
    lvError ErrorCodeTable;
      select col1, col2 
      BULK COLLECT INTO lvTable          
      from ( 
     java loop to create lvTable in java string 
      SELECT col1, col2 -- row 1
       FROM dual
      union all          
      SELECT col1, col2 -- row n
       FROM dual
     RegisterRequestsBulk(lvTable, lvError); 
     open :? for select * from table(lvError); 

Then you can call your proc with this constructed string and expect the errors in a cursor. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/A84870_01/doc/java.816/a81354/samapp2.htm

Hope that makes sense.

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