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I have flow where I read from a file, convert to CSV, and then convert each line to objects. So I end up with a List. Now I want to split this into smaller lists, and process each in parallel. I can use split() to get individual entries, but all my attempts at using aggregate has not resulted in a list, just single items.

  .aggregate( ??? )
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Are you talking about the composed message processor eip pattern: http://camel.apache.org/composed-message-processor.html where you can do a fork/join processing?

If so take a look at that link above, and see the examples with splitter only as the splitter eip in Camel has built in aggregation, so you can join all the splitted messages together to a single message again.

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I ended up using a custom aggregate strategy, seeing as the AbstractListAggregationStrategy didn't quite fit either:

class ListAggregationStrategy implements AggregationStrategy {
    public Exchange aggregate(final Exchange oldExchange, final Exchange newExchange) {
        final Object value = newExchange.getIn().getBody();
        if (oldExchange == null) {
            return newExchange;
        } else {
            return oldExchange;

Then: from("direct:source") .aggregate() .constant(true) .completionSize(1000) .aggregationStrategy(new ListAggregationStrategy()) .to("direct:target");

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