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Is any way to extract images as stream from pdf document (using PyPDF2 library)? Also is it possible to replace some images to another (generated with PIL for example or loaded from file)?

I'm able to get EncodedStreamObject from pdf objects tree and get encoded stream (by calling getData() method), but looks like it just raw content w/o any image headers and other meta information.

>>> import PyPDF2
>>> # sample.pdf contains png images
>>> reader = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(open('sample.pdf', 'rb'))
>>> reader.resolvedObjects[0][9]
{'/BitsPerComponent': 8,
'/ColorSpace': ['/ICCBased', IndirectObject(20, 0)],
'/Filter': '/FlateDecode',
'/Height': 30,
'/Subtype': '/Image',
'/Type': '/XObject',
'/Width': 100}
>>> reader.resolvedObjects[0][9].__class__
>>> s = reader.resolvedObjects[0][9].getData()
>>> len(s), s[:10]
(9000, '\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc\xcc')

I've looked across PyPDF2, ReportLab and PDFMiner solutions quite a bit, but haven't found anything like what I'm looking for.

Any code samples and links will be very helpful.

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So you want to open a large pdf, extract a page(s), and add that page(s) to an existing pdf? Would it be ok to save that combined pdf as a new file? – ExperimentsWithCode Mar 24 '14 at 14:59

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