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I want to using solr for search on articles

I have 3 table:

  1. Group (id , group name)
  2. ArticleBase (id, groupId, some other field)
  3. Article(id, articleBaseId, title, date, ...)

in solr schema.xml file i just define all article field that mixed with ArticleBase table (for use one index on solr) like this: (id, articleBaseId, groupId, ...)

problem: Admin want to change group (ArticleBase), therefore i must update (or replace) all indexed article in solr. right ?
can i update groupId only in solr index ?

have any solution ?

Note:Article table contains more than 200 million article, and i using solr for index only (not store any field data except article id)

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Solr does not support updating individual fields yet, but there is a JIRA issue about this (almost 3 years old as of this writing).

Until this is implemented, you have to update the whole document.

UPDATE: as of Solr 4+ this is implemented, here's the documentation.

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Let me just comment that Mauricio means just that one single document needs to be updated, not your entire 200 million article table. –  Eric Pugh Jan 11 '10 at 19:29

Please refer to this document about the "Partial Documents Update" Feature in Solr 4.0

Solr 4.0 is now final and production-ready.

This feature makes it possible to update fields and even adding values to multiValued fields.

Mauricio was right with his answer back in 2010, but this is the way things are today.

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