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I need to show the summary of data in a certain ExpandableListView group like that:

item 1_1_name   10
item_2_2_name   20
item_3_2_name   30

group_1_summary 60  // this is my problem (in this simple example it's just sum of value for all of the items in particular group)

item 1_name 50
item_2_name 40
item_2_name 30

group_2_summary 120

(The data comes from CustomCursorAdapter but that's not exactly important in this question, though I'm still thinking how to implement this efficiently, without having to query database for every group's summary)

How can I achieve it? I was thinking about about adding layout on the bottom of the group layout and showing the summary there (except for the first group) but that would be against logic of my application.

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