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Most (all?) OAuth resources - both information about the protocol and code libraries for easily using them in your own applications - one seems to find on the internet seem to assume the application you are using it in is a web application.

I would however like to start using OAuth in my windows mobile Twitter client for interactions with Twitter where I now use Basic Authentication through a set of simple methods I hand rolled.

If I'm correct, Basic Authentication is about to be deprecated by Twitter in June of 2010, so I have a hard deadline to keep my Twitter client working after this summer. Also, I would like to be able to easily start adding some support for other services that use OAuth, such a Foursquare.

My questions for now are of course simple:

  1. Is DotNetOpenAuth only usable on the regular .NET framework, or is there a compact framework version as well?

  2. Do any of you know of any (other?) OAuth libraries that I could use OAuth on a .NET Compact Framework 3.5 application?

Can anyone help with simple answers? ;-)

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It seems Twitter has an API method now for just this scenario (oAuth from non web applications). See: stackoverflow.com/questions/2666862/… – peSHIr Apr 19 '10 at 11:13
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DotNetOpenAuth currently only works on the full desktop .NET Framework 3.5 and later.

There are mild designs to support .NET Compact Framework in the future for OAuth consumers as you need, but it needs an actual feature request filed, and funding. If you can do one or both of these it will increase the speed that this feature can be delivered.

That said, someone has already published a sample OAuth 1.0a implementation for .NET Compact Framework that may be useful to you.

Similar question: Looking for OAuth 1.0a sample code for .NET compact framework

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Thanks for the reply. When I get working on @peSHIrTweets again, I'll definately look into the implemenations you mentioned. And I've added a feature request on user voice. – peSHIr Jan 14 '10 at 8:21

Looks like TweetSharp might be an option. Will keep you all posted as/if I learn more.

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