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I'm trying to convert this model to the three.js model format:

Here's what i've tried so far:

I've imported the ms3d file in blender using the default addon. In blender, animations and mesh look correct; however, bones are only rendered as lines. Then I exported it to js using the three.js exporter. This results in a correct mesh, but the animation is not correctly exported. Only bone positions are exported (which are only rarely used in this specific model), NO rotations at all (except for a few identity quaternions).

It seems I have to modify the model in blender somehow, but since I'm a complete novice in 3d modelling, I'm kind of lost. I've also looked at other questions regarding blender+three.js but none of the tips (apply location/rotation/scale etc.) made a difference. It might also be a bug in the three.js exporter.

Can anybody help me do the conversion, one way or the other?

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A nice Python utility is available for converting ms3d format to JSON format. The link is: You can easily render this JSON model using THREE.JSONLoader() in three.js


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"Status: incomplete, parsing of bones, groups, joints etc. is not done." - so i did not even try. thank you anyways, maybe i can base a direct converter on this. – morris4 Feb 26 '14 at 9:34

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