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HTML example:

<audio src="http://subfocus.fm:8000/stream2.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" controls></audio>

Confirmed to be working fine in Internet Explorer 9 and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7. Since version 10, Internet Explorer returns "Invalid Source". Live example: http://subfocus.fm. Any known workarounds out there?

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Internet Explorer 10 (and a few other browsers, including specific versions of Firefox) can't handle responses from SHOUTcast because the response status line is invalid. Instead of something normal like HTTP/1.0 200 OK, SHOUTcast returns:

ICY 200 OK

The standard solution is to not use SHOUTcast, or proxy requests to your SHOUTcast server with other software. Icecast is one of many options.

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If you're interested, I'm doing some free hosting at the moment for those willing to use a test server. Shoot me an e-mail at brad@audiopump.co for details. I can relay your existing stream. –  Brad Dec 3 '13 at 20:37

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