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Do rolling updates control (honor the wait time between the push to instances) minor updates to application like "Changing a header field of a jsp page".

I have set up the rolling update time to 1 hour and i have four instances. I am using eclipse IDE. I make a minor change on header/title bar and then click "Run on Server" in AWS EC2 APACHE TOMCAT7 (US-EAST-1). Beanstalk goes and updates all 4 instances at once. I was expecting it to wait for 1 hour each and all instances updated after 3 hours.. But it happens instantaneously..

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If you want zero downtime during deployments, you should follow the instructions here: Deploying Versions with Zero Downtime – alfredaday Feb 5 '14 at 8:49
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Rolling updates are not supported in beanstalk for app version changes.. They are supported for only env changes.. See the blogs below.. As on today web deployments or version updates cause a brief downtime because beanstalk updates all servers at once..

You can do something like this:

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