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I have quite a specific problem I need to tackle, and I am very inexperienced in this environment. I have a solaris server, which is connected to a router (router1), which is in turn connected to another router (router2). From the solaris server, I need to run commands on router2, which can only be accessed by going through router1, then pipe the output from these commands back to the solaris server. The only tool I have at my disposal is bash shell on the solaris machine. router1 is Alcatel, router2 is Cisco.

This would be fairly easy for me if it were just a bunch of linux machines, but I am inexperienced with solaris, and I don't really know what can be done on either of the routers either. Is there anyone that can give me some insight into this issue?

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it's all unix. the same general workflow concepts that you'd use on linux to do this will pretty much work the same on solaris, minus adjusting for OS-specific paths and whatnot. – Marc B Dec 2 '13 at 20:09
Not sure I follow what the problem is. If you cannot connect directly using telnet or ssh from your Solaris server to router2 (I'm guessing IP addressing reasons, or access lists?), you should be able to do so to router1 and from there initiate another telnet or ssh connection to router2. I'm not familiar with the Alcatel router CLI, but it should have a telnet or ssh client... I know Cisco IOS does. – James Dec 3 '13 at 2:48

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