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How can I detect Ctrl+D in order to break out of the loop in Perl?

while (1){

   $input = <STDIN>;

   print $input; 

   #This is where I would check for CTRL+D
   #last if ($input equals to CTRL+D); EXIT LOOP

   if($input > 0){
    print " is positive\n";

   elsif($input < 0){
    print " is negative\n";

   else { print " is zero\n"; }
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while (defined($input = <STDIN>)) {

When the user enters Ctrl-D, <STDIN> will return undef.

More generally, you can do

while (defined($input = <>)) {

and your program will read input from any files named in @ARGV, or from <STDIN> if there are no command-line arguments.

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