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i have a boolean field in my model in mvc 4 entity framework 4.5

i want to display the field in my view

i use this call


but i got true or false,

i want to get yes when true and no when false

what should i do please?

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In your view:

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You could use a custom html helper extension method like this:


Here is the code for this:

public static MvcHtmlString YesNo(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, bool yesNo)
    var text = yesNo ? "Yes" : "No";
    return new MvcHtmlString(text);

This way you could re-use it throughout the site with a single line of Razor code.

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To expand on DigitalD's answer, you could consider wrapping this up in an extension method:

public static string ToFriendlyString(this Boolean b)
    return b ? "Yes" : "No";

Then you can use it all over the place:

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