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The geocoding (or reverse geocoding) results typically have bounding boxes for each address_component, but these are very gross boxes.

Yet, google seems to have good complex polygons for lots of regions. See this google maps query for "WC1N" :

"new" Google Maps query for WC1N

Notice there is a very nice red dotted line that outlines the post code. This exists for other areas as well. For example a query for "Berkeley, CA, USA" has a very complex red dotted line.

So, how do you get these polygons programmatically? a geocode query itself doesn't seem to do it. The response to this query for WC1N just has the boxes:

As does a query giving a lat/lng that inside either the bounding box or polygon.

Is this data available someplace else? Or are there plans to make it available via the google API?

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I'm also in need of the neighborhood polygon data. It looks like Google has the best data available compared to Maponics and (the opensource) quattroshapes from Foursquare. The only clue I could find about this lies buried in this issue It's really a shame they didn't really provide any real feedback or took action in 7 years! Hopefully someone else sees this post and knows more than us, or maybe knows someone at Google, if so, please advise! – FullOfCaffeine Apr 28 '15 at 21:49

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