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I am using Oracle OBIEE

I have 2 existing views saved as separate reports. One is a Pivot; the other is a Table. Their data sources are unrelated.

I want to be able to combine both views into one compound view within one report, so I can export both to the same Excel file.

Please let me know how to implement. Please excuse my word selection; I am very new to this product.

Edit: It was suggested that I include both reports on a dashboard, and then export from there. Here are my available dashboard options. Am I missing an Export option that should be visible for the version I am using? Am I not seeing it because I don't have full permissions?

enter image description here

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long story short, it seems as though OBIEE does not give you a seamless way to export entire Dashboard pages to Excel.

HOWEVER, there is an ugly way to do it.

Page Options --> Print --> Printable HTML --> Save As --> .xls

see this thread for more info.

here is another thread.

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