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The link has a String, integer and string. My aim is to check for the first and third string using this while loop and short circuit operator.

Lines path1 = new Lines("C1",1,"B1",null);

Lines path1 = new Lines("C1",1,"A1",null);

 Lines curNode = head;

while (curNode.next != null && !curNode.L1.equals(line1) && !curNode.L2.equals(line2) ) 
    curNode = curNode.next;

However what this while loop does is, the first condition is met but the second isn't. For instance if i'm looking for the String "C1" AND "B1" i get "C1" AND "A1". The way i see it is, once it comes across the first condition the second is ignored.

Is this at all possible or is there a different approach in doing so?

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You have:

while (curNode.next != null && !curNode.L1.equals(line1) && !curNode.L2.equals(line2)) 

The issue is that if either these equals() are true, then your loop won't continue (due to the negation), but you want to continue unless both of the equals() are true, so do the following:

while (curNode.next != null && 
       !(curNode.L1.equals(line1) && curNode.L2.equals(line2))) 
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It worked! Much appreciated thanks! –  user3052409 Dec 3 '13 at 0:10
@user3052409 No problem, good luck! Hopefully my answer/explanation makes sense. –  Steve P. Dec 3 '13 at 0:21

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