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I have an Intel hex binary built for one of Microchip's PIC32 processors. I do not have any additional information about the hardware. I know it is a MIPS machine and I have disassembled PIC24, AVR, and 32 bit windows code before.

I'm looking to run some analysis on this image and do not have time (or skill!) to write my own disassembler. An IDA module would be ideal.

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I will provide a part number and accompanying datasheet if and when I am able to obtain them. I have the unencrypted (I think!) firmware as supplied by the device vendor as an update file. –  HL-SDK Dec 3 '13 at 1:00
Doesn't it use standard MIPS instruction set? I believe it uses MIPS 4K core and IDA already supports them. In a jam generic MIPS32 (or MIPS16) should be able to disassemble most instructions. –  ArtemB Dec 3 '13 at 2:55
You may get more mileage by asking this question on the Electrical Engineering stackexchange site. –  J. Polfer Mar 12 at 19:31