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I consider going with Objective-J, instead writing plain JavaScript. But I wonder if the documentation of the language and the frameworks is good enough, since it seems like a very young development.

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Been trying it for future development. One thing for sure, it is intended for web "apps" instead of web "sites".

Documentations are lacking at this moment I think but the mailing list is active. The only docs & howtos I can find are in the official site.

Very young development indeed.

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The API is also the same as Cocoa, so for instance, looking at for NSView will be suitable as docs for CPView.

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Cappuccino’s documentation is generated with doxygen and you can always summon jake docs to build a local copy.

Definitely look into the mailing list.

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The jake docs / doxygen documentation is less than useful. Methods missing for all the common classes (Check out CPString). – Skela Feb 10 '14 at 3:10

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