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I am very new with NetBeans 6.8 and I'm in the process of recreating a pre-existing game. I want to open a new form while closing an pre-existing (open) form with the click of a button, I've tried various methods of going about this and none of them have seemed to work for me. I personally believe my problem is due to my lack of knowledge although I've seen many others with similar confusion. I also think my problem lies within calling my currently opened form which im honestly not 100% sure how to call, in this instance I used "this." but I dont think it got the job done. If anyone could shine some light on this situation it would be greatly appreciated.

And here is a copy of my buttons code.

private void btnPlayMouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {                                     
    //Defining and calling new form.
    ButtonView s = new ButtonView();
    //Setting current form to "invisible".
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What is the form Object(JPanel, JFrame)? Where do you instantiate it? In which class do you run this code? – MaVRoSCy Dec 3 '13 at 7:52
I believe the form is a JFrame and it is in my source folder with the other JFrame form (ButtonView). I run this code in its own "public class". – Devin Higley Dec 3 '13 at 16:37
wheres the code? – MaVRoSCy Dec 3 '13 at 20:35
I've moved on from this problem, instead of having 2 separate forms I just fit everything into 1 so this is no longer a problem for me. – Devin Higley Dec 3 '13 at 22:16
is the problem solved now/? If yes you can close this question – MaVRoSCy Dec 4 '13 at 6:36

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