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I use Delphi XE2 and want to debug an Automation Server (B.DLL) and an Automation Controller (A.exe). I have turned on debug for both in “Project/Options/Compiling”. As I understand it I should now simply activate B.DDL and then do “Run/Parameters…" and then enter the “path\A.exe” in the Host Application field and then click “OK".

Now if I click “Run (F9)” (with debug) A.exe form is displayed but the previously set breakpoints within B.DLL becomes inactive. I can step through and debug A.exe code but not the B.DLL code. The code works and I get interactions when I run the Automation Controller but I can’t debug the DLL. I have put a number of “OutputDebugString” within the DLL and that works ok.

What am I doing wrong, why can’t I debug and set breakpoints within the DLL code?

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You're running the dll project in the IDE, right? Also include remote debug symbols in linker options for the dll. –  Sertac Akyuz Dec 4 '13 at 14:45

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